About UDG

The United Desert Gateway, a nonprofit public benefit corporation comprised of the Brawley, El Centro Yuma Chambers of Commerce, works hand-in-hand, through an Assistance Agreement, with the Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, California Desert District (BLM) and other partners to enhance the recreational experience at the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area (ISDRA) and other BLM managed lands in the area.

The successful ongoing management of the ISDRA and other desert recreation areas is in part dependent on developing and fostering partnerships with the local communities, businesses, sand sport enthusiasts, and other desert visitors. These partnerships will allow BLM to reduce operating costs by fostering volunteer programs, financial support, and development, coordination and implementation of public educational materials and programs which help the BLM meet its goals and objectives for management of the ISDRA and other BLM managed lands in Imperial County.

Since its inception in September of 2004, the UDG has identified and implemented several “Partners in Stewardship” projects that have provided volunteer and economic resources in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area. To date, the UDG has contributed over $1,000,000 worth of contributions to promote safety and litter education in the ISDRA. Some of these projects include a highway billboard safety message program, Leo the Lizard litter education program, outreach team trucks and the Annual Martin Luther King holiday ISDRA cleanup.