Stay out of closed areas
Violations will result in citations

Purchase your Pass prior to arrival
No Pass will result in citation and possible departure delay

Safety flags are required on ALL OHV vehicles

Required Rider Safety Training
No person under the age of 18 shall operate an all-terrain vehicle unless he or she has received the safety course in California or another state or is under the direct supervision of an adult who has the appropriate safety certification in his or her possession.

Mandatory 15 mph within 50’ of campgrounds/people/animals
Also, no person shall operate an OHV in excess of 15 mph on public lands within 500 ft of Highway 78,
Grays Well Road
Gecko Road
, and access roads within the Gecko and Roadrunner recreation sites. (C.V.C. #38310)

Vehicles must have proper registration

Helmets are required when operating ATVs

No double riding on ATVs

No riding in pickup beds

No glass containers

No open alcoholic containers while operating in or ON ANY motor vehicle.

State DUI laws are enforced – ALL State DUI laws apply off-road

No person shall operate an OHV in a manner likely to cause environmental damage

Out-of-state visitors with unregistered OHVs need Non-Resident Permit

The use or possession of fireworks, including ‘safe and sane,’ is prohibited on all public lands (ICORD 51400)